Anna Ostapowicz Illustration


Anna’s work is inspired by the world of Fashion, Art, and Parisian lifestyle. 

She loves: vintage markets, peonies, beautiful books, photography, jazz music, bicycle, japanese calligraphy;

She admires: Auguste Rodin, Henri Matisse, René Gruau, John Coltrain, Jeanne Lanvin, Coco Chanel;

Anna Ostapowicz Paris based Illustrator and Artist. Her  delicate and graceful works have been commissioned by the international range of magazines, fashion advertising and editorials.

Anna’s work is inspired by the world of Fashion, Art, and Parisian lifestyle. She works using a variety of media often combining hand-drawn and digital. Her style capture the essence of femininity with true grace, Anna is fascinated by the ancient Japanese painting principles the beauty of simplicity. With black ink and watercolour she executes as few strokes as possible to describe the subject. Her delightful, pastel color palette with just a few skilful touches creates an image of truth elegance.

Graduated from The Academy of Fine Arts, Since 2017 Member of La Maison des Artistes in France, Paris.


To date she has had the pleasue of working with some well-known brands such as:





Projects, partnerships or licensing, please contact me.

+33 07 68 37 76 02


High - quality art materials are very important in her work. She believe s that delicious dishes can be crafted from the best ingredients, that's why she invests in "good art ingredients". 

Acid free watercolor paper - Arches

Highly pigmented watercolor set -  Sennelier

Black Ink - J.Herbin 

Natural bruches - Charvin

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