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To date I have had the pleasue of working with some well-known brands such as:

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My name is Anna Ostapowicz, I'm an fashion, beauty & lifestyle illustrator living in Paris.

I graduated from The Academy of Fine Arts and since 2008 I have been working with many international brands, creating artwork for launches and promotional campaigns, PR, packaging, editorial, branding, in-store graphics and live events. Since I can remember I have been passionate about the unique touch of hand drawing, painting and lettering. I work combining my favourite handmade techniques (watercolour, ink) and digital processes to create commercial projects. 

Illustration style: feminine, hand drawn delicate lines, textured with watercolour, delicate pastel pallete.

Creative services: illustration for press - edition - advertising - social media - PR live drawing events - live illustration events - brand collaborations

If you have any question about my work, you would like to commission me or organize the live drawing event, please send me an email: 

If you would like to order a custom illustration, visit my Etsy Shop.




If you are interested in a collaboration or you would like to consult your future project, please contact me.

“Love of beauty is Taste, the creation of beauty is Art.”  

— R. W. Emerson

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